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HC8970 | Electro-hydraulic Truck Tyre Changer
♦ Electro-hydraulic, universal and automatic tyre changer for truck, bus, tractor, agricultural and earth moving equipment tyres from 14" to 56".
♦ Super-duty electric motor and hydraulic drive for superior torque and wheel holding power.
♦ Simple controls and positionable unit console lets the operator safely monitor the tire-changing process from the most advantageous angle.
♦ Hydraulically operated universal self-centering chuck clamps rims from 14" to 56" either on the inside or through the center hole ensures clamping of virtually all rims and off-load style wheels.
♦ Hydraulic sled carriage for positioning, bead loosening, mounting and demounting procedures.
♦ Simultaneous movement of chuck carrier and tool holding arm speeds up true handling time.
♦ Automatically controlled tool rotation makes it possible to use either the demount/mount head or the bead breaking roller without time consuming and laborious manual tool changing.
♦ The action of the tool holding arm to the “no work” position and the traverse from one side of the wheel to the other is fully automated.
♦ The clamping chuck rotates in both direction and at two different speeds.
♦ With pressure gauge for monitoring the hydraulic pressure.
Technical Data Details Overall Dimension Optional parts

Rim Clamping Range


Max. Wheel Width


Max. Wheel Diameter


Max. Wheel Weight


Beadbreaking Force


Operating Pressure

130 bar

Motor Power


Power Supply