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Smart Risen 1.2

2018 December 07

The Hauvrex Smart Risen 1.2 lift table is designed for the removal/installation of electrical vehicle batteries as well as engines, transmission, transaxles, fuel tanks, suspensions, cradles and chassis system components. The lifting capacity is 1200kg.

Platforms with location holes: vehicle-specified tools, can be firmly fastened to the platform surface by means of the continuous location hole matrix.

Safety: The generous base of the lifting platform ensures high stability and therefore enables safe and exact work. All safety features like warning buzzer, wheel brake, parachute valve on cylinders come as standard.

Driven mode: The lift table can be driven by electro-hydraulic pump or pneumatic foot pedal. 

Control: Remote wire control allows operator of maxim convenient working condition.

Movability: Fully mobile generously sized rollers – 2 fixed, 2 swiveling with integrated locking brakes.

Versatile Table: The supporting table surface of the Smart Risen is not only extensive but also offers diverse adjustment possibilities due to a flexibility of ± 50 mm in x- and y-axle and a tilting angle of ± 5°.